My Day at Work for Square Mile Cleaners in London

Where reliability is required

Contract cleaning reinvented

Hi, my name is Matteo. This is what I do most of the time at the office.

I have the pleasure of taking care of a few very important tasks in our contract cleaning company, Square Mile Cleaners.

Office cleaners in London and the South EastFirst I am the guy who you hear on the phone first thing in the morning. I make sure that all companies in London hear about what we do as a cleaning business. I contact as many as physically possible within the 3 hours before lunch break. Then it’s lunch break, obviously.

In the early hours of each afternoon I hop on my trusty VW Caddy van and I start visiting clients’ sites carrying out quality audits. We do this at least once a month for each commercial client. I input all the collected data in a special app that takes care of it for me. The info gets into our office database in real time and ready for our customer service staff to monitor and analyse the figures. We take the quality of our office cleaning service very seriously therefore we make sure our commercial cleaners perform at the top of their abilities.

It’s a Wide Spectrum of Services

Working for London based Square Mile Cleaners I deal with all the commercial business so anything from arranging a commercial window cleaner, commercial carpet technician, regular office cleaner, one off clean, builders, clean, deep clean, and any specialist cleaning. Also, I have to order our existing clients janitorial supplies and have them delivered to their offices. When arranging a regular cleaner for a client we have to send them a contract for them to sign and also a credit check is carried out to make sure the company has a good credit rating. Once all this has been completed then I arrange a cleaner and if the client wants cleaning supplies these are ordered and sent before the cleaner starts.

Clients also book a one-off clean so a deposit would be taken on a credit card and the rest once the job has been completed. When I book any commercial carpet cleaning or window cleaning the client normally pays a deposit and the rest on the day of the service sometimes the client prefers to pay by invoice but a credit check always needs to be done.

Making Sure Aftersales Care is Top Notch

Visits are made to commercial clients from our commercial manager to see how many hours are required and how many days are needed, also to discuss any concerns if they will want to order cleaning supplies. Also, the site visit allows us to meet with the client and be shown around the office building so we know exactly what is required.

After Winning the Contract

When we are successful in winning a commercial contract it is very important to find the right cleaner for the job someone who is experienced in office cleaning, a lot of our cleaners have been with some of our commercial clients for years and build a reliable relationship.

SMC Use Reach and Wash Telescopic Poles Window Cleaning

Window cleaning we have regular commercial clients who have a monthly window clean or fortnightly but also we do a lot of one-off window cleaning, the commercial windows are normally cleaned at high-level using a reach and wash system, or any ground floor commercial work we use a wiper and blade.

I receive many commercial emails for enquiries daily. These are all dealt with efficiently because our commercial clients are very important to us. We have an area manager and supervisors who will attend visits to commercial clients to make sure the standards of the cleaning is being meet and the cleaners are all paying special attention to all areas.

I Terminate Clients’ Contracts Making Sure Everybody is Happy

If a commercial client complains about the cleaning service our area manager will be sent immediately to deal with any issues. When the client signs an agreement if they wish to terminate the contract then they have to write to us with thirty days’ notice period. If however, the client terminates the cleaning contract without notice then a penalty charge has to be paid. Sometimes we can do a temporary cleaning contact in which thirty days’ notice wouldn’t apply because the contract might only be for one month of cleaning, so sometimes each cleaning contract varies.

Well, I’ve only started and the day has already finished. I am very busy and my hours fly unnoticed. Which is not a bad thing.

Speaking of funny, here is a video I quite enjoyed watching on Youtube: